EtC: The Whole Family

You know, it’s tough enough to Embrace the Camera as a mommy with one or more of the kiddos. But embracing it as a whole family? Nearly impossible!

It’s been more than a year since we last were all four in front of the camera together – and now with family member #5 on the way, I wanted to get some photos of our family in this “transitional” stage.

And coming to the rescue? My brother-in-law, Jordan, who is building a photography business. (click the link to check out more of his work!)

The dude is getting really good at his craft, and we were so happy he was able to help us capture this little stage of life for our family.

I’m savoring all these photos because I know I won’t be able to talk my hubby into getting in front of the camera again for awhile. I told him he has a reprieve… at least until Reagan is born. (then all bets are off!)

Now, I just have to get new prints hung on the wall! Hopefully, before baby. Realistically, probably much later. (hey, I’m nothing if not realistic) Either way, I’m so glad we have this stage of life “captured” – thank you, Jordan!

Be sure to join us and “Embrace the Camera” this week!





2 Responses to EtC: The Whole Family

  1. kristy — these are wonderful!! love the transition capture and the fun shots with the kids. these are to treasure, and to know your family took them — even better. take care and i hope you are enjoying your summer so far. – karin

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