Parenting with Eternity in Mind

Thank Heaven for Little Girls 11x14A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of sharing a devotional at my sister-in-law’s baby shower. It’s pretty amazing that the 16-year-old girl I met when Josh and I got married, is now married and having a baby! Amber has been a sister to me in every sense of the word, and we’ve walked through a lot of life and ups and downs together. I’m so thankful for the gift of HER in my life!

I thought I would share the devotional here, because I found that (again) there weren’t a lot of examples or ideas online for a devotional to share at a baby shower. I had the same issue a few years ago, when I wrote a devotional for my sister-in-law, Kim’s baby shower! That time, I found an idea for a “theme” – this time was a little different. Either way – I hope this serves as either helpful or encouraging to you as you read it! Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: Yes, Lord! (bowing the knee)


If we use gloves to clean the toilets, or do yard work or gardening, we don’t say the gloves did the work. It was the hands in the gloves that did it.

I think it is just a perfect illustration of us being filled with the Holy Spirit – and being completely surrendered to God.

The thing is, we don’t necessarily have a list of things we have to do to serve and please God. There isn’t a checklist for that.  Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: Facing Our Fears – Finding Him Faithful

a-heaven-1449396This weekend, we found out our former pastor, John Colyer, had passed away while on a mission trip to Zambia, Africa. To say I was shocked seems like an understatement. Pastor John (PJ) was a larger than life personality. He passionately loved Jesus, and he loved people. He had a way of making you feel like the most important person in the room when he talked with you. And he could make us all laugh (including our kids). Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: Promises to Fight our Fears

standing-on-the-promises_t_nvIn my last post, I shared that during our time at Titus2Women, when we discussed the fears we often face regarding surrendering fully to God – we also talked about the promises of God. We looked at the promises that we can use to counter our fears. This chapter (Facing Our Fears and Finding Him Faithful) was so full of amazing truth from God’s Word. It was both challenging and encouraging!

We looked at what really amounts to just a handful of the amazing promises of God. His Word is filled with promises we can cling to!  Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: The Whole of Our Lives

16406658-woman-staying-with-raised-hands-at-the-sunset-timeIn our Titus2Women’s Bible study this week, we talked about being a living sacrifice. Giving the whole of our life. Chapter 3 of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ book, Surrender, was incredibly challenging – and enlightening.

When it comes to what being a “living sacrifice” means, Romans 12 is a perfect place to start. I read the Amplified Bible version of Romans 12:1 this week, and loved the little extra details and definitions in it. Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: A Hole in the Ear

Surrendering with White FlagOur journey of Surrender continues in Titus2Women. I can’t even begin to fully express all God is teaching me – how overwhelming it is. I feel like I am being washed over by truth and I can’t escape it.

And I don’t want to escape it.

Not that it hasn’t brought some difficult and discomfort – even pain. But in the midst of all that, I can sense the growing and stretching that’s happening. And I can feel myself drawing closer and closer to the side of the Father. Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: The Terms of Christian Surrender

Two-Way-TrafficWell, I just can’t seem to get a titus|tuesdays post up on a Tuesday. But I’m calling getting a blog post up at all a win in this season of life!

The last few weeks have been full and exhausting – so many days when I would just love to take a nap and do nothing else… but there’s not a lot of opportunity for that. But I know what God has called me to do, He will give me the strength to do. And I know He’s brought me to this study of Brokenness and Surrender for a purpose.  Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: The Battle for Control

SurrenderXSmallI know I’ve said it before, but I am so thankful for God leading our Titus2Women’s group to the studies we’ve done this past year. First, Philippians, then Brokenness – and now Surrender. It’s been the perfect progression of going deeper in our walk with God, and really getting into some “meat” instead of “milk.” (see Hebrews 5:11-14)

This first full chapter of Surrender started with a quote from Oswald Chambers:

“Surrender is not the surrender of the external life, but of the will; when that is down, all is done. There are very few crises in life; the great crisis is the surrender of the will.”

Nancy started the chapter with some different examples of things we battle – from sexual temptation, to financial issues, to anger, to food.  Ultimately, we have to decide whether or not to surrender those things fully to God.

For me, I could certainly relate to the example of Angie – wanting to make the right food choices, but always seeming to slip up. Battling the scale and her cravings. It’s something I’ve battled for years – and am still coming to terms with. Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: Surrender

41Kk6ZZqjJL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_This week, our Titus2Women’s group began the next book in Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ Revive Our Hearts trilogy.

We wrapped up Brokenness last week and this week we kicked off Surrender. This study has been so challenging – in so many ways. As I’ve shared before, there has been a serious spiritual battle going on in the midst of all of it. I truly believe the enemy does not want these principles to be heard – much less put into practice. These are biblical principles that – when applied – bring true peace and freedom. The enemy is putting up a fight through every step of this study. Every week is another battle. Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: Journey into Brokenness

41E7G9xeBAL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_This week, our Titus2Women’s group wrapped up our study of the book, “Brokenness” by Nancy Leigh Demoss. And as we looked at how to walk out this journey of brokenness, I couldn’t help but feel the Spirit moving amongst our group.

This study has not been easy to go through, but oh has it been worth it. Brokenness is a principle that is integral to our walk with Christ. The thing is, the enemy does NOT want us to know these truths – and certainly doesn’t want us to apply them. Continue reading