titus|tuesdays: It’s a Process

lump-of-clayI can’t believe the Spring semester of our Titus2Women’s group is wrapping up. (it’s especially hard to believe we’re about to take our summer break – when it doesn’t even feel like Spring outside in Iowa today!)

Today, we had our final discussion on the book, “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.”

Wow. This book has been life-changing for me. God gifted Joanna Weaver with this message, I have no doubt about that!

This final chapter’s title is the same as the book title: “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.” And what really jumped out at me in this chapter was the discussion about transformation.

If you hold a lump of clay in your hand, it doesn’t look like much. Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: Lessons from Lazarus


I love the quote there from Eleanor Roosevelt. But I’d like to apply to EVERYONE – not just women.

And really, I’d say it this way: “A person is like a tea bag, you never know how strong THEIR FAITH is, until they’re put in hot water.”

I just love how God has worked in this semester of our Titus2Women’s group through this study – Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World.

As if I needed more proof His timing is perfect – I feel each week like the message from the chapter is exactly what I need to hear, what I need to be learning or I’m in the midst of learning — basically that God has a personal message in it for me. Continue reading

Pillar of Fire

6a0120a610bec4970c0168ea40b357970cSometimes I wish the Lord still appeared in a pillar of cloud and fire. Seems to me it would make it so much easier to know when He wants me to go and when I should stay put.

I’m a visual learner, what can I say?

I was reading in Numbers the other day. Yes, Numbers – not everyone’s first choice during quiet time, is it? I can’t take much credit, I’ve been using the One Year Bible, which has a portion of the Old Testament, New Testament, a Psalm and a Proverb for each day of the year. Often, I skip the OT part (just being honest!)… especially when it’s a long list of names…

But on this particular day, I felt led to read this section of Numbers. So I did. Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: Worry Versus Trust


Yes, I’m a day late with my “Titus Tuesdays” post this week! Better than several days late, right? I’m just happy for improvement.

Last time, I shared with you how I was really struck by the idea in the last chapter (Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World; Chapter 2: Lord, Don’t You Care?) that instead of telling God “I need to know” I have to realize He says “You need to trust.”

I felt like God was continuing on that train of thought with me this week. I just kept hearing TRUST and seeing TRUST.

I read during my research something that really hit home for me. It’s an “equation” of sorts:

Worry replaced by prayer equals TRUST.

In this chapter, Joanna wrote about how worrying short-circuits our relationship with God. It cuts us off from Him because it causes us to focus on ourselves and our situation, instead of putting our focus where it belongs – on God. Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: Overwhelmed and Overloaded

Mary-MarthaYes, I do realize it’s Saturday (even if most of the day I’ve been a little fuzzy on the actual DATE).

Yes, I also realize I haven’t been around these parts for quite some time.

As usual, “life” is my excuse. But I’ve realized part of the problem is my perfectionism, too.

I hate to post anything that isn’t “just right” and doesn’t have the right images, photos, graphics, text arrangement, etc.

So, I tend to psych myself out (realizing how much time it will take to do a “perfect” post) and then don’t post anything.

So what’s a perfectionistic girl to do? Try to relax a little (maybe).

What I’d like to do is spending some time in the coming weeks and months sharing what God’s teaching me and how He’s working on me.

Simpler posts? Probably. As many “Pinterest Worthy” posts? Probably not.

Either way, that’s what is on my heart to do – so I’m going to give it a shot! Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: Overwhelmed (part two)

retro_overwhelmed_mom_postcardYes, I realize it’s Wednesday. But it’s a titus|tuesdays teaching day nonetheless! And I thought I’d go ahead and “Pour My Heart Out,” too.

I hope that doesn’t overwhelm you! (yeah, I couldn’t resist that)

Yesterday, I shared with you Part One of 7 Ways to Cope with Feeling Overwhelmed.

It was tough to share and teach on the topic with my Titus2Women’s group – since I feel like I’m right in the throws of this particular topic – but God gave me a message that I believe was just as much (if not more) for myself as it was for the women in my Bible study group.

And since I know nearly every woman has felt overwhelmed at one time or another, I felt that God wanted me to share it here, as well.

I pray yesterday’s first installment encouraged you and that today’s wrap-up with, too! Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: Overwhelmed (part one)

stuckOur Titus2Women group continues the Stuck study by Jennie Allen… and this week I think the topic hit close to home for every one of us.


I was tasked with teaching on this subject and boy was it – Well, overwhelming!

Today, I thought I’d share on the blog what God put on my heart for this all too real-to-me topic. He gave me a word to speak not only to the women in my group – but also to me. And I hope it encourages you, as well.

So today will be Part One of 7 Ways to Cope with Feeling Overwhelmed. (tune in for Part Two tomorrow) Continue reading

fortunate|fridays: The Real Deal

1000giftsSo, it’s been awhile since I’ve ventured onto the blog. My friend, Haverlee, put it perfectly on her own blog not long ago… She said, “When the blog is quiet, that usually means life is loud.”

Amen and amen.

I’ll spare you the boringish (to you) details and tell you that I’m hoping to be around a little more often. Mostly because I started a new book study with some of the Titus girls and it’s got my wheels turning.

For the summer, our large Titus2Women group has split into smaller groups for book studies. It’s been great so far and I’m looking forward to many more fun/challenging week ahead. Continue reading

titus|tuesdays: Gentleness

GentlenessOur Fruit of the Spirit study continues and I’ll just confess right now: I was so convicted this week.

It’s been a struggle at our house the past couple weeks. The cold weather has been lingering, the boys have been extra antsy and that’s led to a lot of fighting between the two of them.

On top of that, they’ve been really “testing” their boundaries lately. All that’s led to Mommy being a little more “fried” than usual… and I most certainly haven’t been a shining example of gentleness (or even a weak example).

Being tired and stressed (and the kids pushing my buttons) is no excuse. This is supposed to be something I’m striving toward every day, no matter the circumstances. Instead, I’m giving myself excuses for not trying my hardest or submitting to God in this area.

Like I said, I’ve been convicted. Continue reading